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June 2016 Favourites. (First Edition)

What say what, a new series on the blog. One that I should`ve started a while ago, but

Later`s better than never

Even if you`re gone I`m gonna driive, driiive, driiive.

I`ve got that summertime, summertime sadness.

Hum okay, let`s get into it.

      June hasn`t been much of an ordinary month, it contained lots of drama and life lessons and planning. So here are some of my favourite things during this month.


  1. One is missing on life if one is not humbly sharing what they have been granted in abundance with those who need it. 
  2. Women and men speak completely different languages that empathy and putting yourself in the other one`s shoes is almost always a terrible idea, because they simply don`t have the same logic. (I never understood nor believed this until lately, it`s crazy)
  3. Never buy tea from Paul again, it`s ridiculous expensive, like DUDE!! 
  4. In lack of opportunities, create. In lack of love, give.

  5. You`ll toss and turn, wander and get lost but you`ll only find home in God`s guidance and path. 


I didn`t buy much this month besides this bomber jacket that I`m obssessed with because it literally matches everything in my wardrobe. I also LOVE the color. 


It`s from Zara.


I`m also in love with this white cardigan from Etam, I love cardigans but only the ones who are  original and stylish. I see myself wearing this thing all year long. 


       I read an average of 6 articles per day and I bookmark my favourites. You know the ones whom style strucks you or whom ideas haunt you on days to end. 

      On I`ve been obssessed with this thinker`s articles called Umair Haque. They`re so insughtful, original and well explained. 

Here`s a little list of my favourite articles from around the web: 

Best Of RandomlyKawtar In June:

As you know, I have been daily blogging during Ramadane/June, I know I missed some days but I`m really glad about the positive responses I got , so here are some of the best articles I posted, that got the most views and attention. 


That`s it for this first edition of my monthly favourites, of course I will add to it and organise it more as I go. I may even add an answering-your-questions category so make sure to leave your questions and suggestions below. (Feel free, I`m pretty easy to talk to.) I just wanna know what you wanna see over here.



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