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Ramadane Daily Blogging & Call To Action.


       ALL THAT means the beginning of A LOT of things for me but the most important and the earliest is: DAILY BLOGGING. WOOP WOOP.

         So yeah I hope you remember me daily blogging during last year`s Ramadane and then going on a retreat and stuff, well I`m doing it again but this time with more organisation, hopefully better content and better interaction with you guys.

         So basically here is the weekly planning I put up so that you know what to excpect everyday of the week. And yes I`m taking a day off to not burnout and prepare better things for you:

Click on it to zoom.


         The second cool thing is that you can suggest me ANYTHING you want and I will hopefully write/ make a post about it. Suggest me recipes, deep topics you want me to discuss...literally anything and I`ll try to do it with a dedication ;) 

       Here`s a survey you can fill in order to submit your suggestions or you can simply do so in the comments below.

What else?!

       As you can see I added a new page called GUEST where you can invite yourself over and be my guest by submitting your work( it could be an article, or pictures, or drawings) and I will check it out and publish it on the blog as long as it doesn`t contain innapropriate content.

       Can`t wait for your submissions.

       That`s a wrap, just wanted to update you and announce the upcoming content AND of course ask for your suggestions so that the blog becomes more like a conversation than a monologue ha!! 

        Have a wonderful day and wish you a lot of luck and courage if you`re still in the midst of finals. Otherwise, have fuuun.

Rise Brighter Sunshines *.*