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My Natural Skin And Mind Care Rituals.

       For my skin care routine, that I only started three months ago, I decided to use natural products and I mainly buy from The body shop.

    Exept for the Effaclar DUO treatment everything else is natural.

    My routine is pretty basic and not very regular but I try not to go to sleep without at least washing and moisturizing so that i don`t end up with a harsh and dry face. So let`s get into it: 

 Oil Cleansing:


Put some oil in your hands and rub your face with it in a circular motion, massage it carefully then dampen a clean, soft cloth in warm water and put it on your face.

 Let it rest on until you gasp for air and remove the oil.

The hot water opens up your pores then you clean the dirt and oil out of them. blah blah blah.
I usually use Coconut or Argan oil and my face feels clean and soo soft afterward.

Cleansing/ washing:


Darling, never go to bed without having washed three things: 
- your face with a gentle cleanser followed by a clean, soft cloth dampen in cool water;
- people`s mistakes from your heart, forgive.
- your sins by asking God for forgiveness.



        To exfoliate is to remove every extra toxics or dead skin.

      Do that once a week by taking a walk in nature, come back home happy, fresh and dirty.

   Wash your feet and cleanse your face then apply an exfoliator on it, rub in a circular motion from chin to forehead.

       You can buy an exfoliator or make your own.

      If during your walk you find an aloe vera plant:

  1.  cut a small piece and bring it home (don`t worry kid, it`ll grow back up just like you);
  2. wash it;
  3.  cut it open and sprinkle some sugar on top;
  4.  rub your face with it and let it set for 10 mins;
  5.  Wash your face even though it may be a little harsh;
  6.  Fall in love with how soft and fresh your skin feels.

Remember: Renewal is vital for skin and mind. 

Another one of my favorite exfoliators is 1 tbsp coffee powder, 1/2 tbsp sugar, and 1/2 tbsp olive oil . Baby skin and a big black mess in the bathroom guaranteed.



Mask is mainly for treating some skin issues like acne or redness once a month or so.

Not to cover, to treat.

You can buy or make your own, put it on for 15 to 20 minutes but then you gotta remove it.

Wash it off. Never keep a mask on. It hurts and itches. Be yourself, it`s comfier.

One of my favorite masks to make is the juice of half a lemon and 2 to 3 tbsp of honey. It`s antibacterial, moisturizing and it regulates face pH and has much more benefits. blah blah blah.


(every two or three days)

        For toner use apple acid vinegar to regulate your skin`s pH.

  •  dilute it with water depending on your skin;
  •  damp a cotton pad in the mix and gently clean your face.
  •  let it on for 3 mins and then wash with cool water.

In those three minutes, brush your teeth with the hand you`re not used to brushing them with. meh.



Now, it`s time for some hydration.

I`ve been using this natural moisturizer for months now and I absolutely love it, it thoroughly hydrates my skin and gives it brightness as it promises.

 It is made of lemon and conch shell and it has a nice texture, not greasy nor dry.

Never be greasy or dry. Say 'I love you' but don`t make them your world nor ignore them completely. Say: 'let`s be lovely together.' 

lovely or loveable? i`m confused...but anyway

Stay Sassy. Always.

I also use La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo treatment. It doesn`t give me the same results that the reviews I saw about it promised but I can say that it`s very moisturising even when I use it on its own for days.



 Day`s too hot, too busy, too dark?  Put some rose water in a spray bottle and spray on face, it has many benefits and uses.

Then ask the lady next to you on the bus if she wants to spray some too. Or bring an Eclair to your mom because she loves it. Ask your distant friend how the job interview went. Tell your sister she looks beautiful today.

That smile and that thank you are the freshest air you`ve been needing and gasping for. create it. Be mindful and create air, darling.

 Take care. Stay Clean. Stay Beautiful. Peace out. You slay.

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Also tell me what is your skin and mind care rituals. Inspire me!!