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Twins In Inayah #OOTD.

      The struggle started a couple of years ago when the fashion out there was no longer aligned with my vision of what I want to wear as Hijabi, so shopping went from being my favourite activity to being a torture and a source of disappointment.

... up until I stumbled upon some beautiful dresses on Tumblr and kept dreaming about having my whole closet filled with alike style of dresses and abayas... so I tracked them and discovered my life saver: Inayah.


     Inayah is a british Hijabi brand online which makes those elegant, simple, modest, beautiful and very original outfiits that can be styled with literally everything  x) and I straight away bought 3 abayas and the above are two of them `Structured Abayas` AND to my surprise, they were delivered 2 DAYS after I purchased them 2 DAMN DAYS!! I MEAN... 

#goodquality #elegance #simplicity #perfect 


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