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My 2017....

Let's start with the most cliched resolution known to human beings: read more books -like seriously this time!! 

Then the cliched one amongst introverts: participate more -I'm always trying!

2016 was the year I started taking myself and what I really want to do seriously and I'm forever grateful to watch the effects that had on my life and on my progress in the things I'm most passionate included. 

This year I focused a lot on creating, I learned discipline and consistency but I did this along with sharing, I shared everything I made without giving it much thought.

   That eventually resulted in a growing audience I am proud of, meeting creative people, understanding the writing industry, inspiring people with what I share, receiving the sweetest and most genuine e-mails and comments, being contacted by 2 brands for affiliating but also.... in my inability to write without sharing -except for my very personal diary entries.

Speaking of diary entries, I did this in 2014 and I wanna do it again in 2017: DAILY JOURNALING, not sleep a day without writing in my diary, for me, by's soo therapeutic and cute PLUS I need to practice storytelling!

SO in 2017 I wanna focus more on learning than on creating, deep and focused learning with the purpose of learning not just creating. 

That includes learn how to write longer, richer and more elaborate pieces and take my time to re-write and edit them before thinking about sharing them. 

I also want to devote more time and energy to learn to code. 

I need to focus on my studies more because they're getting very serious and interesting. 

Does all this mean that I'm quitting blogging and Instagramming and sharing altogether? NO. I will eventually post regularly but not AS frequently as I've been doing in 2016.

You will see less of me but when you do, it will be louder, bigger and more polished than what I offered you in 2016.

I have around 4 big projects I'm dying to start working on and I promise they'll be the best things I have ever created so far. (hint: it includes a book eeeh) 

Be patient, stay patient and your feedbacks, questions and suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

On the personal level, I have been getting ill quite frequently this year and that was mostly due to my nonchalance, so health is at the top of the list of the things I need to take care of...SERIOUSLY. More smoothies, less white flour, more running, less 'interneting'.... 

I think I've mentioned everything I had in mind, that's what you need to know for now so here's to a blooming, shining and more human 2016! 

Tell me your top 3 projects you want to work on in 2017, without the right mindset and determination all your dreams will go to waste!

Grow Gracefully Daisies *.*