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Taking a month off!

You see, I've never been more active and present on the internet than I have been this year, especially in the last six months as I committed to daily blogging on Medium since July 1st (as I went from 19 to 400 followers...I mean!)  and more Instagramming and overall taking writing more seriously than ever. 

This has lead me to connect with and meet amazing people outside my social circle, it challenged me and my writing in so many forms and it has proved me that practice makes you better eventually and that words will always find someone who needs to hear them at that particular time.

And for all this, I am eternally grateful and thankful that I finally started hearing something other than my echo back as I scream to the abyss of a busy and distracted world.

 BUT now it's time to move on, this persistence and constant sharing and connecting also resulted in 3 things:
- I started feeling more responsibility to make quality things that are worthy of the time of my growing audience.
- I got too comfortable with the process and so stopped demanding of myself to do things differently. 
- I kind of lost sight of why I do what I do, especially why I share what I do. Is it for validation or inspiration? to prove a point or just to practice and get better?
You see, when you keep doing something for so long it's easy to lose sight of why you do it, how to do it better and how to channel the energy it gives you into something that matters more.

I really hope you understand because lately, I've been feeling a growing urge to do things differently than I have been doing this year. There are these quiet voices inside of me that are mumbling more interesting, more important and deeper thoughts and ideas that are begging to be heard and thought through.

But to do that, I will need silence, I will need to take one, two or five steps back before jumping higher and further in my passions, career and life overall. I need distraction-free, focused and quiet sessions of work, thinking and writing without the intention nor urge to share right away.

So I'm taking a month off. January 2017. Off the internet, off the hype. 
Eventually, I will still use the internet to learn what I need to learn and to workout haha, but no social media, no sharing, no passing the time scrolling down people's lives.

I have SO many projects in mind that need my unscattered attention in order to put the building stone in each one of them in the most excellent way I am capable of.

:sigh: I really hope you understand and don't take this as me being lazy or unpassionate about this blog and about everything I've been putting out there, it was ALL labours of love from me to you but I suppose that I need a break from the world and the world needs a big fat break of me haha of that I'm sure. 

      PLUS: starting the year on the right foot is like starting the day on the right foot, it affects your mood and energy during the whole day. 

The promise: what I'll produce next year will be the best I have ever done in my life inhAllah, so be patient with me because the best is yet to come! 

The next post will be on February 1st. Until then, take care and have a great beginning of year, may it be a more human and less damaging year to all of us. 

Rise brighter Sunshines!! 

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