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Kissing your Dry Skin Goodbye.

          If you are ready to take your natural beauty care to the next level, give making your own beauty products a try! You might even be able to make a cleansing lotion or a calming face mask with plants growing in your garden. To help you along, ProFlowers created this guide of plants with beauty benefits. The guide also shows you how to use each plant, outlines the benefits and provides a helpful growing tip.

      Cold weather had a bit of a delay this year but it has come at last as November came in. I'm very happy that I'm writing this under the  warm covers of my bed but my skin is not so happy.

It is starting to look like a desert plain with rough hands, scaly legs and flakey face...okay that's a bit exaggerated but you know how dry cold weather and hot showers can cause the skin to be.

Worry no more, nature is here to the rescue! 

Today I'm presenting you with the killer natural items and ways to use in order to kiss your dry skin goodbye this fall and every other season!

So I chose to put this into a one-day schedule from morning to night full of tips and DIYs.

OF COURSE, you don't have to do ALL this on the same day (unless your day job is taking care of your skin - HOW EGOCENTRIC OF YOU!) but I will tell you the frequency you need for each method/tip/way/callitwhatyouwant.



Right after waking up:

The first thing to do is drink a big glass of water, you can add some slices of cucumber in. [EVERY MORNING]

With breakfast: an avocado juice. [EVERY DAY IF YOU CAN]

Morning SHOWERS: whether you take your shower in the morning or before going to bed, make sure to massage your skin with oils, either before or during the shower.  [EVERYTIME YOU TAKE A SHOWER]

Best oils for dry skin:

  • Avocado oil;
  • Argan oil;
  • Almond oil.

 Keep your oils away from light ;) 



  • Drink as much water as you can. 
  • Go for the raw food: while it's more intuitive to lean into hot and well cooked food during winter, your skin might need otherwise. why? because your body uses its own water to digest cooked food, as for raw foods like fresh fruits, they already have their waters so they're easier to digest and without drying the body's water resources ;) 
  • Drink your H20.
  • Increase your consumption of these Top hydrating foods and drinks. 
  • Keep a hand cream at hand and rub whenever you can. choose a natural cream, this one from L'Occitane is definitely one I recommend, it smells amazing and does a great job at keeping my hands hydrated! 



do your usual skin care routine but try using oils more. [EVERYDAY OR AT LEAST TWICE A WEEK.]

For example twice a week you can switch your cleanser with an oil. YES even if you have oily skin, an organic oil won't make your skin more oily, it will just do an amazing job at cleansing. Don't forget to drink water!

Also, do less exfoliating! if you are used to exfoliating twice a week -like I do- then take it down to once a week or once every 2 weeks! [ONCE A WEEK]


  • Hydrate skin with a cucumber juice: blend one cucumber with water and use a cotton pad to apply it to your skin. [AS MUCH AS YOU CAN] 
  • Drink your H20 before jumping into a bath. [ALL THE TIME]
  • Bath of oats: put 100g of oatmeal into some thin socks and knot it or wrap them into a thin cloth and put them into a very hot full bath. Let it cool a little bit then get in for a relaxing 20 minutes while rubbing the oatmeal clothes on your skin, then rinse without washing with a soap and everything. [ONCE A WEEK]
  • A hydrating face mask will be a great wrap for your day: Mix one avocado with 1 tabelspoon of almond oil.Leaving on for 20 minutes for your skin to drink, then take it off and kiss your old dry skin gooooodniight! [ONCE A WEEK]


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