Randomly Kawtar

 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

2 YEARS OF Randomly Kawtar !!

Exactly one year ago, I wrote the one-year celebration article in which I promised you that I would work on increasing the number of Cooking and Religion articles and I did. And I hope you enjoyed them and found them interesting as I did making them.

This year's promise is COLLABORATION.

I think it's about time I start getting out of my little bubble and connect with other creative folks to create beautiful things. 

I want to host more guest posts, I want to write guest posts for other blogs and websites, I want to collaborate with illustrators to illustrate my articles.

I also wanna start narrating people's stories, bring back to life that Bed Time Stories Series and start telling inspiring stories again.  

SO yeah pinky promise, you'll start seeing more of me in other places and also seeing other people over here. 

One way I plan to do that is actually beg people to collaborate with me, as in please for the love of the 21st century, for God's sake, do a collab with me although I'm an unbearable person. 

So please, please please feel free to suggest ANYTHING that you think might be a great add to Randomly Kawtar.

Also if you would be interested in collaborating with me, let me have the honour. 


Happy 2nd Anniversary Randomly Kawtar!

It's 23:00 right now, it's dark, everyone has gone to sleep and I'm writing and I can't contain my delight about the journey Randomly Kawtar has taken me on during these 2 years when I thought I'll be the one taking it on a journey.

I'm listening to Crazier right now and I can definitely relate: "You lift my feet off the ground, you spin me around, you make me crazier, crazier. "

This is what writing and blogging does to me, typing my heart and head out after everyone has gone to bed, letting words cook during the night to wake up in the morning, edit them, dig in my head and in my files to find matching photograph ideas and sharing it with the world.

Publishing it in the abyss of the internet and just hoping for the best.

    With the best being one person stumbling upon my article and having my words cause a reaction inside that person's head and/or heart. A reaction so strong it makes them take action or shifts their mindset or solace their heart.

I'm not gonna lie, the lack of response sometimes saddens my heart, but had I been writing for the purpose of getting popular or getting recognition or making money alone, Randomly Kawtar would have died long ago instead of getting me to where I am.

No fancy place but surely one I wasn't expected to be at in this time of my life.

A place where writing, creating and sharing are filling up spaces in my head and heart that were once inhabited and ruled by loneliness, insecurity, and an ugly feeling of being lost in the woods of contradictions and dilemmas.

   What started as a way to cure boredom turned into a source of confidence to answer with a wide pride smile: "I'm a writer...entre autres" when asked about what I do in life.

It helped me take writing from a side hobby to a centre point in my life which led me to start writing a book, to start daily blogging on Medium for an engaging and growing audience I'm very grateful for, and to many many other exciting things.

Also, with every spec of modesty I own, my photography and writing are seeing obvious improvements and I can't be more grateful.

Moreover, it made me discover my interest in coding and web development especially when I switched from Blogspot to Squarespace and wished I was better at the whole coding thing.
This interest grew to a bigger decision of actually learning web development for a hopefully flourishing career in the industry.

      This blog is also a resource providing me day after day with proofs that words can be more powerful than it is believed. When someone comments that my ramblings have inspired them to try such or such thing or when someone randomly calls me a creative healer or describes my writing as being poetic, all the pain and fun-less sides of what I do disappear.

Not that I believe in all that's being said, but it delights me that that's how my writing is perceived and that's the service my writing presents to that person.

And the biggest role that Randomly Kawtar plays is how it stands as a reminder that with stubborn persistence and relentless practice, even an average person like myself can go from newbie to intermediate to advanced in anything they put their minds on

And I now use this as a motivation in all the new disciplines I start learning.

     So yeah, next time you feel bored, start a blog and boredom will become a distant memory you may even start missing!!

Thank you faithful readers! Wait, the best is yet to come ^.^