Verses To Live By: The Role Of Faith In Guiding Human's Nature.

       These are such beautiful verses about the nature of the human beings and how we can nurture it.

        The blessed verses 19, 20 & 21 show that the nature of humans is to be impatient, fearfull when touched by grief and avaricious when given a possesion.

      The following verses show that those who have faith, are indeed an exception of this rule, because  when you have that bond with your Lord and you believe with every little piece of you that whatever happens to you is part of your fate and that God has wisdom behind it, you come to trust God's plan over yours and no longer over-worry about what happens to you. 

     Also when you have faith, you are not attached to materialistic possessions because you know that the amount of things you'll ever gain and own throughout your life, has already been written when you were still a fetus, as a matter of fact, there's no need in being over protective of it and not help others in worry that that will make you poor.

You know that it all belongs to God and therefore it is your duty to spare a little of your belongings for those who have less, all the while being sure that you will be rewarded in life and in the afterlife.

      And it goes without saying that prayer is the strongest way to build that faith and make all those beliefs sink in, because when you connect with your Lord it becomes

obvious to you that He's fair and wise enough to let tranquility and bounty settle in your life, wich was designed by Him.

    After those verses Allah goes with naming the characteristics of the truly believers, from them being regular with their prayers to their faithfulness and never breaking promises.

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties *.*