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Let`s_Ace_It: Them Naughty Notes (THE MAKING)

   In the last lets_ace_it post, I promised that I will write you a guide to make your notes feel/look more alive, because duh nobody wants to learn lessons from a black on white pathetic sheet of paper (just the thought of it makes me yawn).

    PLUS adding some creativity to your paper will keep the brain awaken and more active which will obviously have an immense effect on the way that information will get stored in your memory.

    And just to let you know, I`m not one of those very patient over organised people who would spend ages in choosing wich colour they`ll underline the title with, don`t get me wrong, I really admire their passion, but that`s just not me, so I`ll keep it light, practical and a bit creative.

1. Using Different Material For Each Subject:

   The first thing I did was making the notes of every subject in a different material: one subject in those little couloured writing pads, three subjects on white A4 papers, one subject on my lined writing notebook and I left the last one in the textbook they gave us (it`s a pretty theorical and easy subject) and I did nothing but underline the important lines in different colours.

  Now when I tell my brain that we are going to study grammar it just automatically imagines the decor (pink pads) where grammar is written and finds it easier to recall the information written on those pink pads.

    Just take this: the more cues you give your brain to remember something aka the more connections it makes between obvious, concrete things and the main content you want it to learn , the easier it will be for it to actually consolid it and store it in the memory.


2. Choose a layout: 

    Now that you`ve got the material you want to write in in front of you and wondering where to start, these are the options to consider

(not the only ones obv., get creative):

  • Smart Wisdom technique:
  • If you don`t understand a word, write its definition on the margins (even draw it if possible)
  • Mind-mapping for choices and lists instead of classic lists.
  • Use different sizes & colours for the big title, the minor title and the main text.



   3. Interact with it and personalise:

      I`ve already said it, it`s all about interacting with your content, I know that we tend to consider the making of notes the laziest part of the learning process as we just copy the relevant lines from the textbook into our notebook, well, if done more actively , note making can become the first important half in the learning process:




   So  instead of copy paste, what you may do is replace as much words as possible and use as much signs and shortcuts as possible, also get rid of the repetitions and the useless additions.:

The less space your notes take the better, PLUS, your brain stays more interacted when not everything looks the same. Challenge it.




      A thing that I`ve done when I got bored of words, is actually draw. Knowing that my drawing is one of a toddler, I however wasn`t ashamed of turning History lessons into conscious doodlings: replacing `war` with a mini-knife and writing the loosers of it in red (cause they`re full of blood), also replacing an arab convoy with actual mini-malformed-camels. 

    The point is replacing the concrete things with actual mini representations of them. It doesn`t have to be a master-piece, you`re the only person who is meant to recognize your doodles.


    Another way to interact with the notes making is to come up with your own examples. I suppose they are an essantial part in every school subject and generally in textbooks they put pretty easy ones just to simplify the new rule, so why won`t you, after understanding the rule and the example they gave you, come up with a new example and write it in your notes. 

4. Rainbow it:

    This is the second part where you`ll get to bring up the child in you, an educated child that is `cause we don`t want some out of the lines coulouring. Just take your fluo couloured markers, pens or pencils, get a bit organised and use different colours for  diffenrent information: blue for definitions, pink for important people, green for important rules....

5. Questions :

     It is inevitable to not understand some of your content, so don`t go past it, either put a mark beside it, or use a seperate sheet of paper and write your questions in it, you can also use post its and stick your question near the concerned paragraph( yup even more rainbows yey!!), this is honestly a great way to stay awake and interact with the subject in hand.

  Then you can either google it (like i do with everything in my life) or you can wait `til the next class/lecture  and ask your professor, that`s why they were born anyway, answer questions. 

     HUM HUM HUM , guess that`s all I got for today!! Again, if you have anything to add to the fairy notes we just made, your techniques will be more than welcome in the #lets_ace_it community.

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties *.*