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Let`s_ace_it: Show Up Regulary And Decisively.

Do you know the one thing - that is not talent-  that makes the difference between a first class pro athlete and the rest of the team?

   It`s called  Discipline.

     Before building up their biceps, pro athletes work on building this particular muscle that is discipline wich is basically dragging yourself to practise and enduring it with persistence.

In other words:

     When simply not feeling like getting out of bed and going to practice, a random member of the team would simply give in for a couple more sleeping hours though they had enough last night.

      On the other hand, when tempted with this feeling of more comfort, a pro athlete would promptly take the covers off, jog to the field, check in to practise and not check out until they complete what they came here to do, while the rest of the team is snorring

    Why? Two reasons:

First: They are committed to greatness and excellence because that`s the real comfort.

Second: They believe with the deepest point of their hearts that the only way to reach what they`re committed to is to actually SHOW UP DECISIVELY AND REGULARY.

 And this is the excact muscle every human being committed to be better -in any given fied- is striving to strenghten, and the greatest writers of History to Steve Jobs and company have apparently succeeded in building it up.

  And we students of the globe are not an exception, if we wanna ace it, we got to show up for it, regulary, decisively without doubt nor laziness.

    It`s like a rendez-vous with excellence and improvement you cannot be late for.

     So set an appointment with your studies and show up for them on the same time and don`t leave until the time you set to yourself is up.

  Being the most undisciplened person on earth and being used to spoil myself quite a lot while calling it `following my instinct`, this has been the first struggle I encountered this year when I committed last june - after getting my disastrous report card- to actually ace this semester and the ones to come inchaAllah.

     So 3 weeks down the line of being on an undless argument between scrolling through Instagram and studying, sitting on my desk at 9 o`clock every single day and not getting up until 2 (with two breaks obviously) has finally become a habit.

    It`s no longer a choice nor an option, my mind, body and soul are all prepared and they all know that between 9 and 2 it`s just studying time, I don`t give them another option.

   It was quite annoying at first, I would find one and a million lame excuses to delay it a little later, and then one and a dozen reasons to get up before the time is up , you know the `I`m hungry` just after having breakfast, my feet are cold, I haven`t brushed my hair in ages.... blabla ....

      Shut it down, put priorities first and just show me your face on the field and don`t step out of it until you`re done , not annoyed or uncomfortable, DONE!!

        (And just to make it clear, I`m talking about personal studying here like revising, summerising and doing homework not class studying wich you don`t really have the option to skip, I suppose and wich I usually have in the evenings only.)

Have a sweet life sweeties!