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Let's Ace It: Intro+ Pick A Spot... Or Five

  Ladies and gentleman, if I ask you :

"what is the most broken promise in the learning industry?", please don't tell me I'm the only student on earth that will answer with rolling eyes:

staying updated with my lessons from the beginning of the semester,  instead of cramming  the night before the exams!!

   BUT,  students of the globe, change is coming, this year we are going to do it, we are going to find a way that suits us and ace those exams and we are starting on october!!

   Who`s with me? Who`s ready to take the fight and start clean and end clean.

   So let`s get to business: Let`s ace it, a new series where i`ll be sharing tips and tricks to make peace with your studies without getting too stressed , too tired nor cultivate hatred towards whatever you`re studying and actually be good at it.

   And just to let you know, wearing big glasses, braids and flannel, pleated skirts is not required, so come as you are and LET`S. ACE. IT.

    First things first: pick a spot!!

     Yeah that`s it: just wander in your city and study in a coffe shop, a library or your friend`s house (you know that friend who has great food in their house) then try your desk at home or your bed... really just excperience a lot of studying places until you find that one or 5 places in wich you feel comfortable, inspired and focused when studying.

   Personally, as I study online, I keep switching between bed and desk and I try to make the latter a bit more personalised and inspiring, so here are my desk essantials :

Space: yes, I just cannot study in a cluttered space, so I put everything in drawers and leave on the desk only the minimal essantials


Inspiration wall, that I'm still working on

Stationery: the classics , pens and papers

  I'd love to see your studying space, so use the hashtag #lets_ace_it on instagram or Tumblr and I`ll check them out. Inspire me!!

Have A Sweet School Year Sweeties *.*