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 With an emphasis on emotions, mental health, the beauty of nature and the little habits that make a life, RandomlyKawtar captures in words and photographs what it is to live, to grow, to believe and to love.

55 Posts Later...

Grazie. Grazie. Grazie!!

   I would love to share this goodness with you all, but as this is technically not possible: it`s too small and I love it so much to actually share it, so, I will keep it to thanking all of you, all the way from Ukraine to the US for reading my messy journey including my midnight confessions and my midday strikes of motivation and productivity and some other craziness.

     So yeah, one year ago/ 54 posts later, here I am, celebrating Randomly Kawtar`s first anniversary and feeling passionate as ever to just keep it going, to just keep taking you with me on the maze of my life which I am sure, meets your maze at some point and perhaps it sometimes feel relatable to you.

    And hopefully this blog does also meets its purpose of inspiring you to attempt having a better quality life and finding what feels good whatever that means to you.

   Talking about that, I need to make something clear here: I am an empathic person, so whatever theories and personal opinions I am sharing over here are well... personal, they`re my thoughts and feelings when I finally find a way to put into words and they are approaches I tried and actually worked for me, so if you find them relatable that`s cool, and if you don`t agree or something doesn`t work for you that`s cool too, it`s just a sign that diversity still exists.

I`m just longing to inspire, that`s all, not impose nor brainwash, are we clear?? 

Haha, okay, guess we are, moooving on.

   First, I know that I haven`t been too regular throughout this year, and I actually took several breaks `seeking for inspiration`, but never have I thought about quitting annoying you with the words I somehow manage to scramble on this blog.

   I`m getting very passionate about blogging and writing overall and adding to that the random texts from my friends about the blog gives me so much energy and motivation to go on, so thank you for that Sweeties.

     HUM HUM HUM, enough chatting, let`s get to business.

    In the occasion of the anniversary, I`m making you a promise, a pinky one ;) :

I will, inchaAllah start posting....wait for it ...RECIPEEES, YEEY FOOOOD.

I`ve been procrastinating this for ages and I`ll tell you why in my first recipe, but I think it`s just time I start that, because I love cooking and baking and everybody loves food, so nice combo!!

   ALSO, I`ll start posting more religious topics as I`m getting more knowledge in the area and I feel like sharing that with you.

   All you have to do is to please please please please please, give me suggestions of both recipes and religious topics you`d want me to share with, like please.

      Oh Lord, WHAT A MESS I MADE WITH THIS POST, but yeah whatever , that`s the concept of birthdays, right, they`re meant to be messy!!

HUM, Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!