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SUMMER activities!!

    Summer !! Summer !! Summer!!

... the bell rings, finals are over, no more homework , you're super excited about the

sun, the beach and all the icecream you're planning to eat .... YEEY!!

    One week later... MOM, I'M BOOOORED!! especially if you're not travelling and having to plan your everyday from morning to night , duh!!

   Instead of wasting the only two or three months you have per year to HAVE FUN, well find a way to HAVE FUN and do all the things an 8 to 4 plan doesn't allow you to do regulary. Here are some ideas:

Be A Local Tourist:

    This has been on my bucketlist for-ever ... A backpap, a camera (if you're into photography) , a map and some cash oh and some strong legs are all you need to imitate those tourist groups who fill your city by this time of year ... use your feet and take your time to re-discover the city you're living in, talk to people, discover new restaurants and take stunning pictures , you may be surprised at the secrets the city may be holding!! 


Learn :

    Learning is a life-long process and a human particularity, so leaving your brain at school and not picking it up until next September is a mistake ... your brain may get tired from the methods of learning, of the same subject, but never from learning overall , so if there's a language you always wanted to learn , summer is the perfect time to get started , baking & cooking, painting, URL & CSS, photography, writing, communication, makeup , anthropology.... there's so sooo soooooooo many things to learn in this life don't understimate the power of your memory , choose a passion, find fun methods to learn and say Bismillah!!

Helpful links: UDEMY , MEMRISE. The Art Of Baking.


Make Some Changes:

    Weither switching that feather, fluffy cushion into a flowrish, fun one , a trench coat into a Kimono or working your muscles off to have a lean body , making a change in a new season/ year ... is always refreshing and brings more enthusiasm and self-consciousness into your life . So don't hesitate to make those lifestyle changes (health, routines, work...) you wanna start with next September.



    Simple as it is , find your way to have fun , laugh and be reckless -not too much, though-.

I don't know, go on a road trip, play water games, volunteer, prank people, face your fears (zip lining, riding a camel....) go to the fair, play cards, go hiking OR you can stay home and watch people on the internet do all those things and getting a life you lazy little one!!  

Meets & Greets:

    Summer is by far the FRIENDS season, I mean how can you enjoy playing water ballons by yourself!! Seriously, you need friends to prank and to take silly selfies with, so right after packing your bag to go "local tourism", call a friend or ten and drag them to join... the city will look way more enjoyable with your squad around you ;)

       Tell me  what do you like to do in summer? Please inspire me.

Have A Sweet Summer Sweeties!!

Randomly Kawtar