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Going On A Retreat And Special Thanks To Precious Friends !!

    I deserve a pat on the back right now ... thank you :) . I actually am still strucked by how this month passed by so swiftly but man it has been a month!! Amongst the multiple benefits I gained from the experience of daily blogging , there's respect for all the people out there who make a living out of daily blogging!! Genuine respect .

    So as this amazing experience sucked my days off during this whole month, I'm going on a retreat. Not literally -though i'd love to- but I'm just plugging off for the next 2 or 3 weeks, shutting my laptop down and opening paper books, taking care of my health, reconnect with my other passions, working on some other personal projects but most importantly I'm off seeking for inspiration in daily real life, at 2 in the morning after a long day of unvirtual interesting activities!!

   Oh wait, does it sound like daily blogging has been the worst idea ever?!! hahah ... let me correct myself, no it wasn't , it was indeed a very beneficial and beautiful experience, the thing is, it was one of those things that I jumped straight in without having any idea about what I was putting myself into, so it was certainly not a piece of cake BUT I would definitely do it again, it's just that next time there will be more planning and less messiness.

     Okaay. that's where this post stops being me using you, dear faithful reader, as a witness to my personal commitment of getting a life in what's remaining of summer, and it actually starts shifting into a more emotional one.

     So it has been 3 months since I declared my quitting of fangirling, 3 months during wich I didn't check nor bought a gossip magazine, 3 months of independance from brain washing and influence on my lifestyle and clothing choices.

       I deserve another pat on the back for that haha!! and between if you have never been a fangirl/boy you won't really know what it means to set free from it. Oh actually you'll get it if you have a fangirl/boy friend because Oh boy I feel sorry for the hours I dragged my friends to listen to me making the list of the things Selena and I have in common or when I retired from friends gatherings just to watch a Zoella vlog giving the excuse that I'm seeking for inspiration to improve my life!! Sorry :p.

      Well, beside the independency I got, quitting fangirling also opened my eyes

to the real & beautiful inspiration that was surrounding me :


     I have some real friends who inspire me EVERY SINGLE DAY simply by unapologetically being themselves and letting me be me even after 3 to 5 years human interactions :p (you know how that goes).

     With their ambitious souls, authentic ways of being and unbeneficial intentions, my friends are some of the best friends on the planet who empathically allow me to see the world and life in different beautiful ways!!

 I mean, everytime I get an intelligent conversation with one of them or a meeting with 5 of them I come back home with a smile on my face, a feeling of plenitude in my heart and a flow of inspiration and answers in my head.

   My account says I have 130 friend but I count the real ones on the fingers of my hands : 10!!

10 amazing friends each doing their best in their different areas, 10 oh so different yet inspiring friends each in their own way... some with their joyful souls, some with their wisdom and wit, some with their focused ambitions and perseverance, some with their noticeable communication skills and some again with their endless sense of care and loving.

      So thank you for being you and I'm so grateful to have you in my life!!

     Last but not least, special thanks go to my bestfriend who also happens to be my loyal manager and official supporter x) , your honesty, your good taste and your sense of perfectionism are precious and without it this blog wouldn't be growing and improving as it is ... and it actually goes beyond the blog, way beyond, so thank you for that!!

     I know, I know, normally these kind of emotional confessions are supposed to be written as aknowledgements at the end of a bestselling book , but I don't see this coming any soon haha and I don't want to wait 'til then -if it ever happens- to tell you how proud I am to call you my friends, so the end of daily blogging for a month can do!!

    With this I leave you 'til another happy time and if Eid is not tomorrow there may be a quick post inchaAllah!!

Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!

Randomly Kawtar