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SUMMER 2K15 (Bucket list & stuff)!!

What I like about Summer :

  • swimming. 
  • cold showers. 
  • fresh meals. 
  • summer trips. 
  • wavy wild hair. 
  • tan skin. 
  • summer shopping & sales.                                                     
  • achy eyes from swimming . 
  • long days.
  •  tourists. 
  • summer dresses.
  •  lazy days & summer movies.
  • late nights.

What I don't like about summer :

  • insects.
  • the heat. 
  • crowded beaches. 
  • boredom. insects.
  • regretting staying late the last night (everytime!!)   
  • the  burning sun. 
  • insects. dehydrated skin.
  • the heat in parked cars. insects.
  • laziness. 
  • guests. lots of them.
  • Did I mention bugs and flies and mosquitos and everything in between? ugh!!

Yeah, it's just a matter of perspective. :)

     Summer is not really my favourite season, but I can't help getting excited about it and making a whole bucketlist for it :p

  1. Get my driving license;
  2. Re-watch all Harry Potter movies;
  3. Take up the 90 days photography challenge ;
  4. Watch the Sherlock Holmes series ;
  5. make that short footage (I've been procrastinating for ages) ;
  6. Swim at the beach at 6 a.m. (magic, trust me);
  7. Get really, really , really good at something (baking, writing, photography...);
  8. Take up a 90 days writing challenge ;
  9. Be pro at baking pies.

Have A Sweet Summer Sweeties!!

So What are your goals for this summer and the things you wanna try ?? 
Randomly Kawtar