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Ramadane, The INTRO.

  It's the most beautiful time of the year, just as the lights, delicious smells and people walking down to the mosque fill the streets; kindness, hospitality  and endless forms of worship are filling the atmosphere .... and that because people (muslims) are aware of how valuable it is to behave
themselves in this special month , they know how their Creator will forgive their sins and answer their prayers if they just ask him in all the right ways ...
.... they also know all the benefits and strenghth fasting from dawn to dusk can bring them, physically ,spiritually and personally ...
... they know that it is one of the greatest ways to feed the soul, clean the gut and educate the self , and last but not least they are completely aware that Ramadane is overall a garden that one cannot go wrong in cultivating and taking care of : its outcome will show sooner (dunia) AND later ( akhirah).

    Okay back to planet earth, or the 21st century shall I say, the "lights filling the streets to guide people -who just devoured multiple super yummy meals-  to the mosque" part is true... but for the kindness & knowledge part , mmmm not so sure ...

Unfortunately , most people do it just for the sake of habit or because everybody's doing it!!
    To be honest , I was one of them just last year, I unconsciously craved the whole day impatiently waiting for azhan so that I can load on those moroccan goodies that moms only show us during Ramadane :p , and then the month will end leaving me  just where I was when it started. Maybe with some extra weight.

   But throughout this year I've grown to become more aware of my life overall and i started questionning everything I decide to commit to or I have to  ... and my spiritual life was no exception to this "habit-spring-cleaning" ... that's why I decided that this year will be different, this Ramadane I gotta be more aware of everything I do , from how many Quran verses I will memorize and understand to what can I eat  to stay active & healthy , and also how can I use this oppurtunity to get closer to God and progress in at least one aspect of my life.

    With no further ado ,

As you can see I'm excited about this month (about the whole summer) so I decided to start ... wait for it.... DAILY BLOGGING!!! During the whole month of Ramadane InchaAllah, weekends are not included though just to kind of recharge and come up with new ideas .... EEEEH .... the posts won't be all Ramadane related : I'll carry on with some series , finally include some recipes and maybe some weekly outfits. So stay tuned . AND HAPPY SUMMER !!

                                                                                                       Have A Sweet Summer Sweeties XD
Randomly Kawtar