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Ca m'a fait plaisir !!

It keeps resonating in my head , warming up my heart . making me feel accomplished ,useful and strong.

Ca m'a fait plaisir .

    It takes me nothing though to randomly compliment a friend about a moral virtue they probably don't know they have, an unexcpected gift to that cousin I miss, an unexcpected birthday call to that distant friend who probably didn't think of me in ages, an unexcpected visit to a family member going through a hard time, being modest with people who are less fortunate than I am, a listening ear to a margenelised or bullied person or just simlpy an authentic smile to a stranger ( #nofilter_and_noflirt, though haha) .

    The thing is: people around us may be encountering battles we have no damn idea about , so who knows, a kind , mindful , unexcpected & authentic gesture may be the silver lining to their darkness, it may make their day , their week or their entire month. 

     So how fulfilling it is to be the one who gives someone the sweetest thing they've received in ages, to be the one to make people smile and hear them say :

Ca m'a fait plaisir .

   Wich is basically the translation of :"thank you for thinking about me and letting me know about it, it means a lot."

     We are often told to love ourselves, find beauty within and reach personal success, yes do it, find yourself but on your way don't forget to

stop for a moment, take your eyes off your mirror and shift your gaze and attention to whomever needs it , hold a hand and help people find their own beauty simlpy by showing them that they matter and that you care .

That is real beauty.

   Because let's face facts : everybody needs and likes to be cared for, loved and thought of as someone special . And trust me , when you're the one to make a person feel that , they'll never forget about you no matter how they may treat you or react to your unintentional gesture. 

   Don't let the world make you believe that giving is weakness... indeed smart kindness is the strongest of weapons and the best of revenges .

Give when less excpected , don't ecxpect anything back and watch as the generous thrives and the selfish goes nowhere .

     So here's my

challenge to you: today, whatever this day is to you, I challenge you to not go to bed before making someone smile, find your own way to do it , JUST DO IT and see how good , important, strong and useful you'll feel ... show kindness to someone , even just ONE person then go to bed at peace and have sweet dreams of a world where humanity , generosity and kindness are kings .

My all time favourite article about moral values :

" The Moral Buckelist."

Have a Sweet Life Sweeties !!

Randomly Kawtar