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How To Boost Energy (and mood) This Summer !!

"... fakers gonna fake, fake  fake  fake, haters gon- ...."

Hum. Yup, Shake it Off is the perfect answer for the title . Turn it on , get off the couch and shake it off like nobody's watching ... BOOM ... energy is flowing and  you're ready to go on with the day after that laziness and "powerlessness" shots hit you miday . 

Yeah that is one way to start a blog post when you running out of inspiration.

       Okay, let's get serious ... it happens to all of us , it's just 11 a.m. and you are already feeling tired and out of energy to go on with the other half of your to-do-list .

      Blame it on the comfort of technology, the fakeness of our food or the addiction to business and rushing, this is not today's issue , because my dear, today I'm only sharing with you some practical steps that helped me survive the pre-finals period when I didn't have a choice but gather my energy together and suck it all in ...they're also ways I'm willing to use this summer to actually try to get a life off the laptop screen . Wish me luck !!

~ Cold Showers ~

Cold showers. Sounds a lot like torture , I know ... It's definitely not the first thing that crosses my mind when I'm exhausted , but forcing myself into it never fails to instantly take both my energy and mood to the next level ...just the thrill of it leaves me with so much vitality and freshness.

      And it is no secret that it has a hell lot of health benefits . Check out this article, then head to the shower and get uncomfortable by starting with alternating hot n' cold water before going cold turkey...:okayi'mout: GOOD LUCK!!

To read : 

7 lessons Learned From The 30-Day Cold Shower Challenge.

~ 20 min power nap ~

"Yeah this sounds a lot more comfortable and cozy!! "

I can hear youu , but wait I said 20 min nap not the infamous, dreamy 4 hours evening nap that leaves you with dizzy head , messy thoughts and hair . 20 min is just the perfect time for your brain to stimulate the information it's been taking and get ready for what's coming next with a flow of energy ,a power nap also helps improve alertness and learning skills.                                                                                                   

Set your timer to 20 and instantly get off the bed when it rings , don't tolerate another hour . COURAGE. 


Tumblr ( i know it's not a source but...). 

     It is quite obvious that moving helps the blood  get flowing effectively and it consequently gets the brain to work actively , so push ups are just the perfect, quickie way to get the energy level from 1 to 10 . Check out these

5 Reasons To Do Push Ups Everyday

     About two weeks ago, I started with barely 5 hard pushups a day , now I'm at ten strong ones, and eventhough I'm good at skipping days , they're my go-to move to boost energy and build strenght.

~Laugh it out~

     Simple as this: call or meet that hilarious friend of yours, watch vines or some other funny Youtube video and have a good time stretching those face muscles, boosting your mood , aching your ribs and bring that vivacity on .                      

    Again , like all the good things in life , laughter has some good benefits on overall health and wellbeing , yes it is the best medecine.


~Energy Is A Lifestyle ~

    I know that what I listed above are some kind of shorcuts to instantly boost energy, but you need to know that a long term energy level takes more than getting uncomfortable in the shower or take a walk around the block : ENERGY IS A LIFESTYLE .

   Meaning : your day-to-day habits have a say in the level of exuberance you live with.

     So it goes without saying that eating real food , moving regulary , avoiding stress, surrouding yourself with positive people , getting a good night sleep, feeding your soul ...... (the list is loong) these are all essantials  to sustain the healthy , required level of energy you need to conquer the world!! What?!!  

 If none of this works for you , Shake it Off is still a good , efficient plan to kick off that to-do-list!!

So, What are your personal ways to have more energy and vivacity? 

Have A Sweet Summer Sweeties.

Randomly Kawtar