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The ABC of life ... (of MY life)


Eeeeh I'm so excited for this one. I've been thinking about it for a while now and I love it already .
     The ABC of life is a project that I'm starting and that I'll be sharing with you in a form of a series (i bet you know by now how addicted I am to series ugh,but i promise this is the last one before a long time ).

  Each week I'll pick a letter (from the alphabet obviously not from my P.O. box), choose a word that starts with that letter and make a post about it . Boom.

    So excpect ANYTHING ... poetry, some crazy pictures alone, or just a block of words with no pictures.

 The words I'll choose may vary from serious topics like "introversion" to something completely ... stupid ... like my toothbrush .... excpect anything really!!

   One thing is sure , I'll try to make it as inspiring , as creative and as beautiful as I can.

   And for that, I'll need YOUR help , YOUR inspiration ... so whenever you happen to have a thought, a topic or just a thing share it with me #for_the_sake_of_creativity!!

                                                                                                               Have A Sweet Life Sweeties *.*
Randomly Kawtar