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Self-Reminder: Just Say Yes!!

    I had a terrible week. No one died in my family. I didn`t loose money somewhere. I didn`t fight with someone....



   I`m not going to go deeply in that but when I get into one of those dark, agressive, get_out_of_my_sight, hopeless moods, I tend to stay in my comfort zone (bed precisely) and get my claws out everytime someone tries to look over that red circle I put myself into and of course `no` becomes the only word in my vocabulary.

   And it was the same word I gave mom yesterday when she asked me to get out with here to one of my favourite places in Rabat.

    But after giving it a thought and after remembering the advice i`ve been giving myself a lot lately , I said yes :)

    The result : I had one of those amazing cozy evenings , fell back in love with Rabbat and its chemistry , discovered a new favourite crepe flavour (lemon and honey), took some good pictures (my passion) and got inspired for today`s post (i wasn`t going to post at all).


Just Say Yes and let the magic happen.

It is actually quite Important To Stay by yourself and try to sort things out but not to the point  where your thoughts lead you to nothing but even more darkness.

   Getting out of your comfort zone may give you all the answers  that your room`s four walls didn`t give you.

      It makes you realise that your life is not as hopeless as you thought it was , and that life is too short to let yourself drawn without letting any light in , pretending that the darkness is more comfy ... we all know that`s a lie, darkness is lethal. Actually it makes you feel stupid for wasting time and energy on pointless worries instead of enjoying the beauty and hope that is around you.

    So no matter how far it will take you to find those answers and that beauty and hope ,go for it , it`s worth it, it`s re-energizing and inspiring to get all those pieces back together and figure things out. Trust me.

    Just Say Yes, that`s my advice to you , an advice that i never regret following whenever i`m depressed , anxious or running out of inspiration.

    Just Say Yes to the beach with the family, yes to that sculpture class, yes to that conference about...animals , yes to some cooking with your siblings, yes to new, open & positive experiences.

  Be open minded and let the world love you and inspire you ... you can never know what people you may meet, what passion you can discover , what memories you can make , what answers you can find unless you say yes ... but stay safe though, okay? BYE.

   Get The Heck out of that magicless rabbit hole. Face your fears. Laugh it out. Say Yes. Thank me later. Repeat.

  Now Bye .... for real.

Have your self a sweet fearless life Sweety !!

Randomly Kawtar