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Current Web Inspiration!!

    My 9 yrs old brother defines inspiration as when you see someone else's idea (project) and it gives you/ helps you get another idea to do something else ... makes sense . I love my brother.
    So today I'm showing you some people around the web whom ideas give me ideas ....hhh

This is my current favourite male british youtuber, he's such a good, truthful, creatif filmaker who make short, simple -yet inspiring videos about different topics from dreams to the beauty of pictures. I just really like his content and the clear beautiful way he manages to present it. His Instagram is as inspiring too .

I`ve been a fan of the Harries british twins since their videos of telepathy using aluminuin paper `til the day they started running the world, either searching for inspiring stories of passionate artists to tell or just making a short film about a beautiful city they`ve been to ... I really admire their creativity and how they manage to make each video as inspiring and as different as the previous one .

Joe Sugg:
There are two things to appreciate about this british guy: 1st the crazy, creative and unexcpected ideas that crosses his mind (God knows how) and 2nd the patience and detrmination he manages to find in order to make those ideas happen.... and then combining the two, he makes hilarious, funny & surprising videos every Sunday that always manages to make my day .
I mean whenever my mom hears me laughing from the other side of the house she knows that Joe has again found some hilarious way to prank Caspar or has made a PER-FECT impression of a celebrity. 

Ella Grace Denton:
A vegan, hippie, wild & positive 19 years old lady who shares with us in her blog a bunch of vegan recipes, her trips to different places , some life lessons and reflections ... briefly her inspiring, realistic & natural lifestyle.
Her Instagram feed is also very beautiful and helpful as she shares not only pictures but also motivational little texts and messages.
And yup , she`s british too.

Okay, maybe I should`ve named this post :``I_have_this_thing_with_british_people``!!

Ingrid Nelson:
This lovely weirdo runs two youtube channels ,one contains some ladies-related content from simple, beautiful make-up styles to hairstyles, of course a bit of fashion and also some really good and different DIY`s. The second one is more of a chatty channel wich comprehends some deep & genuine chats or some short vlogs here and there .... I really don`t know why I find her different and not mainstream or boring ....

The last inspiration is an international blog hh that motivates me to get that peaceful, healthy , abundant, grounded, thriving and simple life I yearn for.... with all their tricky and helpful advices and real inspiring stories of people and their struggles.

This is my go-to place to get a stike of information and helpful tools to increase ones creativity. Each article is  clearly the fruit of deep and extended research wich makes the whole blog interesting and helpful. I just LOVE It a lot.

   There are a couple commun things between all of these people are that they are free-spirits, open minded, creative, original, genuine & passionate creators whom aim is to make of their passions an inspiring, motivational and beautiful story/project to share with the world or at least with the community who celebrates and enjoys passion and creativity!!

   Don`t forget to tell me what or who is your current web inspiration at the moment ... I genuinely love discovering new creative people. :)

Have a Sweet Life Sweeties!!
Randomly Kawtar