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Self-Reminder: The Intro.


   The last advice I gave myself was just 3 mins ago when I reminded myself that I'd better stop scrollling through Tumblr and instead start writing a blog post right now to spare me some free time this weekend .... this time it worked, this time I followed my advice and here I am writing.

  But unfortunately it doesn't always work this way,especially on more serious situations .

   Like when I walk into a store and I just get that feeling that everybody's looking at me and I get very uncomfortable with this thought , and obviously  I tend to forget the reminder that says:

   "honey, you're not Cara Delevingne ,nobody's looking at you , people have way more in their lifes to spend it watching you and waiting  for you to stumble or make a mistake so they can laugh at you... so just keep your head high and live your life the way you want to weither people are watching or not!!"

   Or again when I just start learning something new and my first, insecure & imperfect performances push me to give up, thinking that I will never be able to do it and that is just not for me ... forgetting that nobody starts off being excellent and that I should rather embrace the beauty of beginnings and that making progress day after day will do nothing but get me to that high level where I  wanted to get.

   Those are just few situations amongst many where I wish a post-it would pop-up before my eyes and remind me of all the advices and lessons that life taught me, advices that will actually save my life and make it better.

  And as I know  that I'm not the only one in this , I decided to start this series :Self-Reminder , where I'll share with you all the good advices we give ourselves for different situations but that we tend to forget about when we're actually IN that situation.

   So if you ever happen to have a suggestion don't hesitate to share it with me either in the comments below or by the e-mail adress on your right .

                                                                            Self-Reminder n°1 : Have a Sweet Life Sweeties *.*
Randomly Kawtar