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My Idea Of A Perfect Sunday.(ways to boost your mood and relax)

   OMG, I love Sundays!! Not only because my favourite show comes on, my favourite youtubers upload new videos , I myself upload a new blog post and we generally go to the beach on Sunday but mostly because it`s the day of the week where I get to stay in bed long after waking up (without an alarm clock) just daydreaming and thinking about how beautiful life is (or how shitty it is if I`m depressed,but let`s keep it postive today). So join me on a perfect, pampery , relaxing Sunday!!

-A festive homemade breakfast:

   Like what is a good day without a good yummy breakfast?! Some pancakes,eggs , jben <3 , and fruits ... the choices are multiple ,the goal is one : please your tummy!! :okimout:

-Grab some sun:

   Either by taking a walk in a beautiful place, going to the beach or simply sitting out on the balcony reading my morning Qura`an `dose`,or doing some yoga in the backyard (yup I make sure the neighbours are not watching!!), getting some sun in my bones, some fresh air in my lungs and connecting with nature is anything but unessantial and unenjoyable for me ,trust me it`s a mood booster especially by this time of the year .( I`m addicted)

-Call or Skype a friend:

   To be honest I`m not really into this -yet :p , it crosses my mind to call or skype a friend... but it takes me a lot to do it ...However,  I`m working on it, especially that a good catch-up meet-up always lifts my spirit up. 

-Create a beautiful creative mess:

   Sunday is just the perfect time to experiment: bake something for the family , paint (with my hilarious siblings sometimes) (getting addicted to this too *.*) ,play with my makeup products and brushes or try some photography tricks ... simlpy turning my laptop off and getting creative with non-virtual things gives me a feeling of being fully present and alive and it surely improves creativity.


   This is when I turn my laptop on ,watch the new videos ,catch up with a show , read blogs *.* . And sometimes I go for a home spa (bath, skin care and all) or I simply read me a good book .

-Get ready for the upcoming week:

    This may be the least fun of all but it is essantial if I don`t want to start my week in a mess, cleaning my living space ,my closet ,writing down my most important tasks of the next week (lessons I have to summarize ,pictures I have to take, posts I have to write...) or even making some little weekly resolutions,getting ready for the week on Sunday always does good for productivity during the next week.

   So yeah here you have it : a guide to a stress-free, almost internet free, chilly day that will help you re-energize and freshly get back on track at 7:00 a.m. Monday... so I don`t want to see you wasting all of it catching up with your favourite show ,LIVE more.

     I'd also like to know what is YOUR idea of a perfect Sunday?!!

 Have Your Self A Sweet Soft Sunday Sweety!!


Randomly Kawtar