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Living With Less: How I turned from being a Shoppaholic to having a Capsule Wardrobe

   If you read my living with less intro you would know that : declutter, minimalism and less are words that I recently started living by.... and what better place would a girl start with than her closet when it comes to getting rid off excess ... seriously ?!

    So yeah today I'm going to share with you what I did the day  I looked at my closet and realised that I have way much more clothes than I need , and that maybe it's time I start spending money on more interesting things or even save (what say what ?!!Kawtar is saving money .... applause please!!).

 By the way a capsule wardrobe -if you don't already know- is when you  choose to stick to a minimal amount of clothes (shoes and accessories included)  that you ADORE and that are considered essantial and that obviously can be coordinated in many ways together in order to create a lot of outfits with minimum pieces .

  Okay, first things first, I got EVERYTHING out of my closet and displayed it on the floor in piles: home clothes , pajamas (yeah in my world these two are different ) and outdoor items.

   Then I went through each item, gave it a deeep thought, then I put it in one of the 3 following categories (again);

1. My babes:

 these are the clothing pieces that I've been constantly wearing lately and wich fit me perfectly ,they're the ones that  I absolutely adore and feel very comfortable in and familiar with. I hang those straight back in my closet .

 2. Mmm ,not quite sure :a dress that I only bought because it was in sale #brainwashed  or that shirt that I haven't worn in ages but is still there just in case , you know  those things that you're not quite sure of their role in your life but you quite like them and still  keep them ... well I put these in the big old yellow bag, hid it in my closet  and promised myself that if I don't remember nor need any of these items in three months I would give them away.

    3.  Nah, just ... nah: this is the 'I-can't-believe-I-still-have-this' category wich contains pieces you forgot you had , or that don't suit your new style , or that is not your size and you just bought it beacuse  it was beautiful ugh ... yup straight to charity ,why keep clothes that you don't use while there are people who actually need it?!!

    I'm not gonna lie it was hard ,considering my emotional attachement to those sewed wearable pieces of fabric , I had a glinch in my heart during the whole process,duh

 (what's the difference between duh and meh ?)... HUM but seeing the result, I knew I made the right choice : I literally feel "lighter" , I feel "friendly" with my closet, it's personal and it 100% reflects me :) but most importantly ,for the first time in my life ,with only 30 outdoor clothing pieces I admitted :

                               " I don't freaking NEED clothes " like ...I mean...that's awesome !!

I'm all weird today.

okay,What's next?....

Next Shopping Session in 3 months (next season)

STOP the brainwashing:

"Omg I need to have this it's in

sale , Taylor Swift has the same."bla bla bla ...STOP IT. 

Replace NOT add :

 if, before the next shopping session,

 I happen to fall in love with something (i know I will)

and gave it a deep thought before buying it

I'd replace something from my closet with it not add it .

Spend Money Wisely:

-start saving seriously  (SSS)

-buy other things than clothes (books, gifts ,travel to discover not to shop, charity , learn, adventures ,start a buisness -I admire my ambitions-...& a vintage camera please :3 )

Friendly Reminder :

We may want to own more but damn it we needto LIVE more. It's a choice.


Have a Sweet Life Sweeties *.*


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