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Health Journey #4 : 15 Healthy Eating Habits.

      Choosing to eat/live healthy doesn`t necessarily mean that someone is just trying to loose/gain weight or prevent cancer, eating healthy means that you respect and love your body so much that you treat it consciously and protect it from harmful food.You are what you eat, as they say , so don`t be fast,cheap, easy or fake!!

      Today ,dear folks, I`m sharing with you 15 healthy eating habits to help you get started in a healthy lifestyle.

1. Go for 5 small meals a day instead of 2 or 3 big ones;

2.Replace as much as possible bad fats (processed butter, fried food...) with good fats (avocado, fish, peanut butter...);

3. We need 5 fruits & vegetables per day ;

4. Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger so make sure to stay hydrated and only eat when you have to;

5. Have dinner 2 to 4 hours before bedtime;

6.Cut down on processed and junk food ;

7.Lower your salt and sugar intake 

(you can start with getting used to sugar-free tea or coffee it`s not that bad trust me);

8.Don`t be afraid of adding species to your meals whenever possible 

(they contain some good nutritious values);

9. Dessert needs to be taken either 30 min before the main meal or 2 hours after;

10.Eat slowly 

(half of the digestion process can be made in your mouth + it keeps the air from getting into your belly and cause bloating);

11.Load up on whole grains and low fat diary products;

12.Trade chips and coke for more healthy snack ideas like :nuts, tea, dark chocolate, a smoothie...;

13.Allow yourself a cheat day per week ,it won`t hurt you!! 

(my guilty pleasures are pastries so I generally bake on my cheat day :) );

14.Never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach :p

15.Have colourful plates a.k.a. introduce a variation of healthy foods to your meals they`re all important .

      Heck, before you go and trow away everything from your fridge and take up these 15 habits all at once , know that a habit takes time to be build ,so pick only one or two of these and work on it for the next 20 to 30 days until it becames an obvious ,natural thing in your lifestyle , THEN move on to the next two and so on... 

                                  Have Respect For Your Body Sweety, it`s worth it!!