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How to Have A Productive Day.

  We all get those days where we wake up in the morning and suddenly remember that we have so much to do that day that we don`t know even know where to start and sometimes we even choose to do nothing at here are some tips to help you check everything in your to-do-list and don`t feel guilty or lazy.

1) Plan for it:

   Making lists of your goals and your tasks the day before allows you to get a clearer image on what you have to achieve and gives your brain time to organize and get ready and motivated for what it has to do next.

      One advice :KEEP IT LIGHT,spare your list the details of your life (like dressing up...)write only the tasks with a deadline or the habits that you wanna take up  (ex. if you wanna start reading daily then write it on your list until it becomes an obvious natural thing to do just like brushing your teeth )

2) Prioritizing :

    Prioritizing is about starting your day with the most important tasks of your list ,the ones that require time and effort because your energy decreases throughout the day so it`s better to begin with the hard cores... and it`s up to you what is important and what`s not ,be loyal!!

3) Single Tasking:

   Here's the thing : doing one single task at a time and giving it your all is wide better than doing plenty of stuff and just rushing them just to accomplish everything on your to-do-list . So don't consider it a failure when you don't do it all but do few with the highest quality possible. Plus it is unhealthy and unbeneficial to do several tasks at the same time it's bad for your brain!!!

4)Turning your distractions off!! 

I know that you heard this a thousand times and you know how important it is to just focus on your work without checking social medias every 2 minutes and I know that this is the hardest of all... so here are a few things  you can try to finally work in peace:

  1. Promise yourself a 15 mins break to crowl back to your social medias and enjoy a little snack after every 1h30 OR 2h of fully focused work; 
  2. Tell your friends that you`re going to study and that they should not answer you if you texted them (just ask for help ) ;
  3. if your friends and you are at the same class or something try to work together or challenge each other to finish that assignement in a precise time; 
  4. OR just put your phone on an airplane mode .... easy :p 

5) Take Breaks :

 It is such an unhealthy and unbeneficial decision to work 5 hours or more in a row without having any breaks , any spare time to breath and give your brain 1 to 20 mins between different tasks to just make some order and declutter all the information it recevied throughout the day . 

  Also try the 20 mins nap if you get the chance to ,it is very benficial and energizing.

Friendly Reminder: ask yourself  if what you`re doing today is getting you any closer to where you wanna be tomorrow?

        OMG I talked a lot today, ugh , hope it somehow helped you or added something to your life !!

                                 Don't hesitate to share with us any extra advices to get things done 

                                                                                                 Have A Sweet Life Sweeties *.*

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