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Health Journey #3 : My Workout Routine

   I would lie and tell you that my workout routine is perfect and 100% healthy ,but I dare and say that I`m quite proud of its regularity . So I thought that I would share with you how I get my heart pumping and my blood flooding `cause that`s the main aim after all.

      How much?:

So basically I workout once every two days for about 45min to 1 hour .


In the morning before having breakfast (I only drink a cup of water and if I`m hungry I would eat a banana or dark chocolate before working out)


Well,let`s see a healthy workout plan like a restaurant menu:

Salad : the 10mins Warm-up

 Main course: Aerobic / Abs / legs workout/ arms workout/your favourite sport.....

Dessert : the cool down ( yoga or regular stretch)

    So I usually pick up a cardio warm up then 10 mins abs or legs workout and if I get the chance to I would go for a run and then I cool down with  30 min Yoga ( actually I do yoga everyday and it is such a great experience ). And of course whenever I get the chance to break the routine I do :like practising another sport (horse riding,swimming...) or playing with my siblings or friends, #justmove.

Health Mistake I used to make:

-As I was obssessed over getting a six pack and not loosing weight, I used to only do abs workout every day ,I didn`t realise back then that my abs won`t show up if there`s fat covering them,fat that I needed to get rid of by doing cardio AND eating clean + I was risking an injury by not stretching out afterwards .

Friendly Reminder : The main aim of working out is feeling healthy ,happy and active so loosing or gaining weight and getting the perfect body shape should be just a consequence not a goal!!!

     So Don`t mesure your progress with your weighing scales but rather with the improvement of your strenght ,flexibility and happiness :)

       To help you get started :

Cardio warmup: 

Cardio Warmup, 10 Minute Workout, Class FitSugar

Abs Workout:

10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

Legs Workout:

Miley Cyrus Legs Workout

Cool Down (Yoga): 

Yoga with Adriene (30 days yoga challenge)

My Favourite 17 mins full body workout

                                                                                                                 Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!

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