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Health Journey #2 : Mental Health

    The other day I was on the bus and there was a little boy with an injury in his left eye and just...typically a woman asked what was wrong with him, so the mom explained how he fell off the stairs  ... and suddenly unlicensed doctors started showing off, giving tones of advices to the mother "you should do this ,you should try that " ... at first I laughed at how Moroccan people get involved in EVERYTHING ,but then I thought what if this little boy had a severe panic attack right there with all the crying, suffocating & panicking , I pictured them either offering water and a flow of questions -wich won't help at all- OR just stepping back and complaining about how spoiled today's children are, wich is a result of misinterpretation and lack of knowledge!!

    I hope you got the message here : we have way more knowledge ,care and awarness about our physical health than we have about our mental health...We generally know what to do when we have a flew or a headache but we don't even take seriously the symptoms of a chronic eating disorder, let alone treat it or ask for help, we worry about who's clinically  dying but "get over it ,it's just in your mind" is what we say to someone who is dying inside.

      The funny thing is that mental health is highly linked to physical health:

ex.: A high level of adrenaline or a low level of GABA in the brain causes anxiety & anxiety disorders wich is manifested by nausea ,racing heartbeats,twitching,burning sensations and light headedness (a.k.a panic attacks)

       Dear folks, mental illnesses aren't just a state of mind or a mood , it is a serious thing that needs our care and awarness... sure it can be cured and treated but only if we :

  1. Seriously start caring and gaining more knowledge about it ;
  2. Beat the stereotype that judges people with mental illness as "crazy" "moody" and "out of their mind". The fact that you've never been there or that you don't know enough about it doesn't allow you to judge and intimidate the people who are , it can be you at any time .
  3. TALK ABOUT IT, there's NOTHING to be ashamed of ,mental illness doesn't define who you are ;
  4. Practice self-care , self-love & positivity and think about adding mental health resolutions alongside your physical ones ,your brain is an organ  that needs care too.
  5. Also take care of your spiritual health , it is one of humans needs to feel protected by and connected to an upper power so praying and meditation should be part of our routine. 

Friendly Reminder:  I'd say that we all are exposed to deal with depression , anxiety ,stress and eating disorders at some point ,it only differs in how severe and chronic it is so why be ashamed, intimated and scared by something that is so common!! 

"When "I" is replaced by "we" even illness becomes wellness."

Have a Sweet Life Sweeties!! 

Randomly Kawtar