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6 Ways To Get & Stay Motivated To Workout!!

    Keeping a regular workout routine for more than 2 weeks has been a big challenge for me because I was simply lacking both willpower and motivation...But lately I came up with some little things to do to keep me on track and keep up with my workout plan for 3 months and beyond.

Get in the mood:

    Preparing your brain for what's coming next is always a good idea so first of all write your weekly workout plan on Sunday that way you kind of commit to your body . Then ,weither you're going to the gym or just working out at home prepare everything you will need the night before so that your mind won't find any excuse in the morning.

Workout Clothes :

    It doesn't have to be a brand new Adidas combination , a big old T-shirt and sweatpants or a comfortable cotton leggings will do ,dedicate these clothes only for working out because moving in your pajamas can make you feel lazy and remind you of bed.

  There's actually one thing you will want to invest in it's a good pair of sneakers for your feet's sake :p  especially if you do a lot of running and jumping.

Stay Inspired:

     This is one thing that really works for me just scrolling through the hashtag #fitspiration on Tumblr or Instagram . It really helps me get in the mood ang gets me motivated with al the healthy pictures and motivational quotes ... this is one way to use social media right :p

Beat monotony & make it fun:

    As it is important to stay loyal to one workout in order to have better results ,it is also important to not get bored which leads to give everything up .So yes keep up with one workout (for no longer than 6 months) but whenever you get the chance to , practise your favourite sport, go for hike with friends,play hide&seek with kidos or a 1hour  of dance tutorials ... just find a fun way to break the routine from time to time .

Exercising  is meant to increase your endorphin level not get you in a depression. Keep it Alive.

Set Fitness Goals :

Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction.

Having determinated fitness goals for every month or year is a really helpful thing ,it challenges you to make a little step everyday  towards that ultimate goal,towards the person you want to be. Also you'll have to read your goals every single day so keep them handy and don't bury them between your books.

Results are the BEST motivator:

     Finally , the best way to get motivated is seeing your hard work paying off after a long six months of regular consistent workouts.

    That moment when you start doing poses you never thought yourself able to do , being able to run longer or faster than you've never imagined , or looking into the mirror and noticing the first signs of a six packs showing up and you see a better skin a healthy hair AND a smile ....

   Trust meonce you start seeing the results of your perseverance you will never want to stop!!

So just stuck to hard work until you get to where you want to be and beyond :)

Friendly Reminder: It' s not going to be easy but just let progress be your drug... always 

                                                                                                                  Have A Sweet life Sweeties!!

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