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10 Things From My Bucketlist !!

   I'm a dreamer,I yearn for breath-taking moments AND I love making lists so I wrote my bucketlist wich is basically a lifetime goal-list that doesn't comprehend goals like get a job, a car,a house,a spouse,kids and die -lame- but more worthy , exciting excperiences/moments that would make you feel alive no matter how small or cheap it may be ... it goes from wanting to take a selfie with a lion to play in the rain!!

   With no further ado ,here are 10 things from MY bucketlist ,enjoy!! (I chose some big ones though)

Go on a hot air balloon ride; (I just knew that we have this in Morocco wich is really coool)

Go zip lining;

Be the reason behind somone converting to Islam;

Spend a whole fun,crazy ,adventurous weekend with my bestfriend (OFFLINE);

Visit every continent ; (3 left)

Have a bonfire with some deep talks with my favourite friends <3;

Make a short film on a trip I make;

Witness a color run ;

Travel on a ship;

Release flying lanterns.

           Let me know what are the top things on YOUR bucketlist!!


I'm doing it !! I'm committing ,Kawtar is committing OMG !! So it's been 5 MONTHS already since I started this blog and I'm absolutely loving it and I shamefully know that I haven't been regular at all with my posts and this shows just how organised I am ,no really I have my reasons... HOWEVER I'm committing to start posting at least every sunday ,so at the end of each week after having a great relaxed weekend check me out and you'll find at least one blog post if it's not 2 or 3 ... so yeah, that s the big annoucement !! Fancy  isn't it ?!!you were excpecting a marriage proposal or something weren't you ... okay it's past midnight right now so ... don't mind me !!

Randomly Kawtar