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Winter Survivals

   The best thing I like about winter happens to be the worst thing ever  when in different circumstances and it is : walks in the rain !!! I like it when on a sunday morning, just around the corner with your umbrella and enjoying the sound that the rain makes on it...but not on a monday afternoon on your road home, obviously you forgot your umbrella so your stuff get wet, you start freezing AND you're not  dancing with Channing Tatum in the rain , what a loss!!
    BUT then and only then you get the chance to get  a typical cosy winter evening at home :
hot bath or shower ,
 cup of hot chocolate ,
 warm wool socks, 
oversized sweaters,
blanket cuddles ,
scented candles,
lighting a fire ... *.* 

    And finally comes the useful part of this  blog post ... I want to share with you a healthy way to make a hot chocolate that not only tastes and smells amazing but is going to protect you from caughting cold (credits go to my lovely friend Maryam for this one  <3 ) : so what you need to do is pour milk with cocoa powder (as much as you a want), a sprinkle of ginger , a teaspoon of cinammon and honey (depends on how sweet you want it to be) on low heat and keep stirring , serve in your favourite mag, hop on your couch ,turn your favourite entertainment on and enjoy life !! 

Have a sweet cuddly life sweeties!!
Randomly Kawtar