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Health Journey.Destination #1 : Healthy Hair.

    Health Journey is a series that I'm starting in my blog as I'm a person who cares about living a healthy happy life and tries every possible thing to get to it , so in this series I'll be sharing with you the health steps,tricks,tips and habits I try to introduce in my daily life to just make it better ... and for some reason I'm starting with hair health ... like it's the most important healthy  thing ever hhh ... no seriously, it is such an important thing that we tend to forget about!! Okay, enough chatting and let's get started with the steps you gotta take in order to have a healthy beautiful hair:

1. You gotta love it !!

The very first step you wanna take ,my dear, is love your hair the way it is weither it's black, blonde, brown ,curly ,red, straight ... it is just beautiful as it is so instead of complaining about how much you don't like your hair , try to accept it and know that every type of hair has its advantages and disadvantages so stop wanting everyone elses hair , if you had that hair you would be complaining about your eyebrows ,it's a vicious circle that you don't wanna get in so stop it and embrace your own beauty , your own hair ... maybe try a new hair cut , a new colour that will suit you BUT don't hate your hair nor any other inch of your body . The only thing you should be worrying about is your hair's health: is it breaking , is it nourished enough ??... wich leads me to the next step...

2. You gotta brush it :

Yup , your hair brush gotta be your new mate , brushing your hair once a day is crucial to get that healthy hair, for brushing does not only increase blood circulation but also:

a.cleanses your hair by 

eliminating waste materials, including deposits of uric acid crystals, catarrh and other acids

 and impurities that you had no idea existed and don't need to anyway .

b. helps in stimulating various oil and hormone producing glands A.K.A. it helps keeping the pores of hair and scalp open and helps in breathing -hair breathing.

c.AND it adds life , shininess and volume to your hair ,yeey let's brush !!

 3.You gotta oil it & massage it:

Oil massages are the best gift you can give to your hair and sculp , oils have that magic thing about them to :

- prevent bacterial infections

-strenghtens and helps to grow hair protein wich is important to avoid split ends!!

-gives shine and nourishment to the hair 

-prevents dandruff wich is mainly caused by dry scalp,yup.

So at least once a weak give your scalp 5 little minutes of massage with a ourishing oil live it for an hour or two or braid it ,leave it overnight then rinse it .

 My favourite hair oils are Argan -obviously- , Avocado oil and my hero COCONUT OIL , it just does woonders to my hair , try it and thank me later :)

P.S.: even if you have oily hair you have to apply oil, mainly on the tips rather than roots and reduce your weekly use once or twice a week is good .

4 . You gotta set it free from heat :

   Heat is your #1 hair enemy it burns it , break it and take away its shininess , yes I agree that sometimes we need to change the look ,you know and look cooler than your rival ,but there are other ways to do it , try overnight braids to get curls for example I don't know the internet is full of tricks to get that same look that the straightner or curler will get you ... and if it's not your thing then at leeast try to reduce your use to heat like once a week AND again oil it and use protector. 

        Also letting your hair air dry after a shower is really benefecial it helps it breath and open sculp pores + a little tip : leaving your hair wrapped up in the towel after washing it can cause breaking it !

5 . Finally , you gotta feed it -indirectly- :

  As much as it is important to directly nourish your hair by letting it breath air and oiling it , it is important to indirectly nourish it and here are some foods that both your hair and stomach will tahnk you for :


Eggs: it contains Iron wich helps cells carry oxygen to hair follicles.

 b-Spinach: the Iron ,beta carotene, folate and vitamin C in it help keep hair follicles and scalp oils circulating.

 c-Salmon : is rich in protein and vitamin D wich both are the key to strong hair , this beautiful couloured fish also hepls in hair growth.

 d-Walnuts :it contains copper , a mineral that helps keep your natural hair colour rich and lustrous.

Final tips for hair : -Wash your hair with cold water from time to time its benefits are just awesome,trust me!!

                  -Drink Water! Drink Water! Drink Water!


                  -Eat clean


                                                                                                                 Have A Sweet Life Sweeties!!

Randomly Kawtar