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The End of 2014 & Hello 2015 !!


     By this time last year ,everything was different , 2014 has been such an overwhelming year for me,a year I'm so grateful for AlHamdulilah despite the downs ...
    By this time last year I sat on my desk and wrote about 40 resolutions... and guess what I only reached 3 .... YEEY !! So this year I decided to not go crazy again with new year resolutions but instead I would set  realistic, specific and smart goals because I'm aware of the importance of having goals  and how it brings sense to your life AND I don't want to control myself too much by putting and living by many rules .... anyway , in order to set those goals for 2015 I needed to make a quick review of 2014 because it will insire me to set the new goals:
  1. I think that "thank you" is the word that I used the most in 2014 , heartfull and honest "thank yous" I said to so different people for so many different and unexcpectable reasons in so many different occasions and this made me realise that maybe I should start giving a little more than just receiving. #1 Give More.
  2. I think I'm a person who cares a lot about living healthy even if you won't really  notice it if you take a look in my daily life but I'm trying my best; so obviously in my last years' resolutions I had a bunch of healthy ones that I didn't really reach, until these last 3 months where I finally succeded in maintaining a fix workout plan and started slowly adding  healthy habits into my routine so for 2015 I only want to #2 Maintain Healthy Habits.
  3. If you asked me to write Selena Gomez's 2014 year review I would write you a really good one with loads of details, from her 22nd birthday in a yacht with Cara Delevingne 'til her trip to Dubai and of course her breakup with JB ... okay somebody stop me!!  ... yeah this is how good I'm at neglicating my personal life and fangirling over celebrities' lifes from singers actors and british youtubers OMG !! So it is necessary for me to set the goal #3 Live MY life more on my top list .
  4. For skills , there's so much I wanna learn specially that studying online gives me the time to do it , so for 2015 I want to #4 Learn Italian   #5 Be an advanced Yogist  #6 Learn Driving/Get my driving License and of course #6 Be a Pro Baker .

      I think that's enough ,though I will stay open to every opportunity of reaching other goals that would make me and my life better, because weither you're writing tones of resolutions for 2015 or not setting goals at all, the one important goal and commitment you need to make is to #bebetter -not better than someone else just better than the person you were- you should resolve with yourself that "By this time next year everything will be different better" ...and in order to reach this goal you will have to find in each day a step -no matter how small- towards it . As Ibn Khaldoun says:"One who doesn't go forwards goes backwards."
       Friendly reminder: Everyday is a chance and opportunity to behave better bigger stronger and smarter , seize it.

                                                                                                                     Have a sweet life sweeties!!
Randomly Kawtar