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Helloo everybody, I hope you all are having a nice happy day. So finally I decided to start a blog where I`ll be talking about a lot of topics -nothing special- just bits of daily life, daily struggles and daily inspirations going from style and makeup to decoration with some reflections and thoughts on life and human relationships.
     So I`m 17 years old  and  I`m at that part of life where you just try to figure out what you want to do with your life by trying to find your passions and interests. Hope you`ll enjoy the journey :)
      So as it`s fall I decided that at my first blog post I will be sharing with you some stuff I like about this inspirational romantic season!!

In Fall time I just like to chill in my room writing,thinking or reading but this could obviously not happen without an "autumnful" snack : yummy chocalate cookies with Peach tea that smells heavinly good and tastes amazing.

Autumn doesn't only affect my snack choices but also my makeup so since Fall started I've been addicted to this "warm" berry couloured lipstick eventhough it's not a standard choice (I don't wear it outside):

                                                                                                                Have A Sweet Life Sweeties !!

Randomly Kawtar