Who Am I?


Write me an e-mail @ kawtaramranikawtar@gmail.com


Salaaam, my name is Kawtar and I'm a 21 years old lady from Morocco. 

I'm in my fourth year of a Bachelors of Quran Studies and I'm a writer/blogger/content creator. 
I'm a highly sensitive introvert who feels everything so deeply that I often feel my heart about to burst from sadness or happiness or whatever. 💗

A new thing I discovered about myself is that I don't like sleepovers... they make me anxious and drain me of the little energy I have. I'd rather hang out with you for a couple of hours, eat good food, laugh our hearts out and have deep conversations in between then go to our separate houses... yes my little spaces (mental and physical) are sacred. Soz. 🙆🙇

Mmm, what else? 

     I'm very passionate about the human brain and I like to know the cognitive explanation to the different states of the human condition... from faith to impulsive reactions to how food affects our mental wellbeing etc etc...🤓

     I'm on a constant quest for beauty and simplicity although I have a very complex mind that overthinks and overanalyses everything... but yeah I'm trying... aren't we all! 💐

      Last but not least, I'm an advocate for mental health, slow living and experiencing peace of mind through a strong faith, genuine human interactions, a cup of tea and daily walks 🌱

   I think I'll keep it to this as a little introduction to myself, if there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to ask 😉